Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for to follow:

The privacy of each and every visitor to is highly important to us. At we understand how important your personal information remaining personal is to you. So, even though we do collect some basic information, we choose to tell you exactly what is being stored, how the information is used, and how your personal information is safeguarded. We will never sell any of your information to third parties for any reason.

File Logs

                We collect and use the data contained in log files, just as most other websites. This includes your IP address (Internet protocol), your ISP (Internet service provider), browser choice, and the time and pages you visited while on our site.


                This site uses cookies to store information, such as personal preferences on a given site, to allow pop-ups to be shown on products or information that may interest you. This also allows you to log in to certain features and forums within the site.

Third party advertising is used on  as a means of support. Advertisers may use cookies, web beacons, and other forms of technology to gather basic information as a form of geotargeting. This is typical and standard of most websites and advertisers to offer you targeted advertisements.

DoubleClick DART Cookies

                We here at  may also utilize DART cookies for ad related purposes through Google’s DoubleClick, which is capable of placing a cookie on your computer when you choose to browse the web and visit a site that uses DoubleClick advertising. This cookie allows for interest based targeted ads to appear on your computer. Ads are targeted based on browsing history. DART uses information that is non-personally identifiable meaning that DART does NOT track information such as social security numbers, name, email addresses, physical addresses, or payment information. It is possible to opt out of ad serving on all sites by visiting:

Cookies for our site and/or third party cookies can be disabled or selectively turned off in your browser settings or through security programs. However, this will likely affect how you interact with many websites, including an inability to login for services and programs, forums, or accounts.

When you delete cookies from your computer’s history, it does not mean you have opted out of all advertising programs. When you revisit the site, further cookies will be added. However, if you choose to disable cookies this will stop the ads, yet damage the functioning of many websites.